Ecstatic Trance
Your Door to Altered States of Consciousness

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ecstatic trance - a workbook
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Ecstatic Trance: A Workbook
by Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman and Nana Nauwald

Binkey Kok Publications, ISBN 978-90-74597-63-0
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Nana Nauwald • Ecstatic Trance
Rhythms for the Ecstatic Body Postures

The CD you need to use the body postures!

CD Ekstatische Trance
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The type of trance investigated by the anthropologist Dr. Felicitas Goodman and Nana Nauwald is produced by several rhythmical stimulations using rattles or drum beatings at a rate of 210 beats per minute.

The CD offers a choice between four different sessions:
  1. Rattling with 4 rattles listen Audio Sample
  2. Drumming with a Bodhran listen Audio Sample
  3. Drumming with two Nepalese shamans drums listen Audio Sample
  4. Overtone Drumming with a “Hang”, a variation of the Steel drum listen Audio Sample

Each track lasts 15 minutes. At the end of a track there is a pause of 3 minutes, so you get sufficient time to relax and to stop the CD player!

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Flying with Shamans in Fairy Tales and Myths 

Full of exciting journeys through the shamanic worlds of many different cultures, Flying with Shamans in Fairy Tales and Myths is enchanting as well as instructive. In addition to an introduction to the world's shamanic beliefs, Nana Nauwald provides background information about the culture from which each fable comes. On this enchanting flight with the shamans, you'll learn about the three worlds, the world tree that connects them all, and the magical shape-shifting and healing powers of the shaman. You'll journey through ancient Russia, Japan, North and South America, and Europe, discovering how the magic of human imagination conjures images that people in widely separate parts of the world hold in common.

After reading this book, you'll look at all fairy tales in a different light. Rather than interpret fairy tales as psychological metaphors, why not accept them as they are and allow their magic to work on you!

Binkey Kok Publications, 2004, ISBN 978-90-74597-76-0
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