Nana Nauwald

born 1947. She is a fine arts painter (, wrote ten books about shamanism and her experiences, international lecturer for shamanic rituals of perception, professor for perception in art at the art-university of Braunschweig, lecturer and coach for “Ritual Body Postures and Estatic trance”:
Her book “Ecstatic Trance – A Workbook” which contains some chapters of Felicitas Goodman got translated into English and Russian.

Since 33 years Nana Nauwald is exploring and learning about the inner and outer worlds of living shamanism in indigenous cultures.

She lived and worked for 18 years with shamans in the Peruvian jungle at the amazon and did learn in Sao Paolo about the power of the African-Brasilian Umbanda, had been a guest of the head of the Nigerian medicine men, worked with Mapuche shamans in Chile, shamans in Columbia, Nepal and Sibiria.

These long life experiences in the shamanic fields of consciousness did bring her back to her own spiritual and shamanic roots in Europe. One of her main concerns is to inspire people through rituals in nature to get in contact with the their own spirit and with the spirit of their home-nature.

Nana Nauwald met the anthropologist Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman first in 1991. Deeply impressed from her and the method “Ritual Body Postures and Estatic Trance”. Since then Nana did take part every year on Felicitas’ workshop in New Mexico and became close friend to her. She worked with Felicitas until her death in 2005.

Since 1997 Nana is a trainee-instructor for the body-postures.
In 2003 the German “Felicitas-Goodman-Institute” was founded with the personal agreement of Felicitas Goodman who gave the official rights to her to work under her name.

Since eight years she also teaches the ritual body postures and shamanic rituals of perception in Russia, under the leadership of Lena Ratnichkina, and Russian institute of ritual body postures has been founded, see:

“The spiritual way to get a part of the shamanic-world today through
body and sound, which Dr. Felicitas Goodman did open to us all
with such deep healthful effects is still growing worldwide,
this way still opens new insights without a dogma into the “otherworld”!
I am grateful to be a part of this work, of this way of healthful insight
into the web of life.
This spiritual field I’m living in
also finds strong expressions in my paintings.”

Nana Nauwald

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