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Ritual Body Postures and Ecstatic Trance –

A creative way to healing and insight

Ritual body postures found in prehistoric cave paintings and indigenous effigies have their origins in cultures with shamanic roots, also in Russia and Europe.
30 years ago Prof. Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman (1914-2005), a highly regarded expert in linguistics and anthropology, started to research and explore ritual body postures. Nana Nauwald studied with her a long time and teaches the shamanic body posture ritual in Germany and other European countries since about ten years.

Each body posture can lead into the alternate reality – or a different field of consciousness – when performed in conjunction with the proper rhythmic accompaniment of ca. 210 beats per minute, this is 3-4 beats a second, performed with a drum or rattle.

This method stimulates all senses but helps to experience a deeper state of consciousness. These trance states generate longer-lasting feelings of euphoria, joy, and clarity as well as the certainty of being sheltered in the connectedness of all things.

As found with thousands of participants the method of ritual body posture is a very safe technique, which stimulates also ones own healing abilities.

To enter repeatedly and purposefully into a state of trance and to tune in to a different field of consciousness produces changes due not only to biochemical processes within the body. The experience of these feelings does have an effect on the unfolding of one’s own being without being connected to conditions, demands, and dependency. In the state of trance, which is a higher awareness of the inner world, one is able to connect oneself with a different information field of consciousness that constantly creates itself always new leads to insights and points of view.

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